Justin Sedell

I strongly recommend Laura and would not hesitate to refer my friends, family, and colleagues to her. She is the best.

Laura was referred to me by one of my colleagues who spoke extremely highly of her. I was interested in buying a new home and needed someone with expertise in the Madison Park area. I wanted someone with experience in the area I was looking and who routinely dealt with these types of transactions. From the very beginning I was impressed by Laura's knowledge, friendliness, and "can do" attitude. I felt like I was in great hands, which makes all the difference.

When we found the home we truly loved I was a bit nervous about the cost and the overall process, but Laura was great at soothing my nerves and helping me to continue moving the process forward. Although she was busy she was always willing to speak by phone or text, and more importantly she always attended any meetings related to the purchase in person to help me. For example, she attended the home inspection with me so that she could understand any issues and advise me about them. She helped me understand the concerns raised by the inspector and then did independent research about the others, contacting local builders so that we could understand whether something was problematic or not. I was truly impressed. She then negotiated a fair resolution with the builder/seller. I felt that she was doing a great job at representing my best interests throughout. Finally, she was skilled at crafting offers and counteroffers that were reasonable, warning me if I was asking for something that was never going to fly buy encouraging me to ask for something else instead. In the end I got my house!

Given how wonderful Laura was when buying my new house I absolutely wanted her help selling my prior home (a condo in downtown Seattle). Laura did an amazing job with it. She knew I wanted to sell it ASAP with minimal upgrades, but she also knew I was extremely busy at work and didn't have a lot of time to get the project underway. She went way above and beyond the call of duty by interviewing painters, finding a discount carpet shop, negotiating a deal for me with the painter and the carpet-layers, and being there to tell them what needed to be done and how she wanted it to look for maximum sale appeal. Thanks to her taking over the process and pushing it forward we were able to list the property the month after we moved out, and even better, it sold after only two days on the market with multiple offers well over list price! Other units in the same building have sat on the market for an extended period. She did a fantastic job with it.

Perhaps one of the best compliments I can give Laura (and advice to anyone reading this) is that I heard from several different agents that I was represented by "the best." When touring open houses on our own we would be asked who we were working with. When I mentioned Laura's name, the agents universally respected her and praised her. When purchasing my new home the seller's agent remarked to me offhand that I was in great hands with Laura, and he was right. Other agents are often the best judge of the skills and talent of their colleagues, and Laura was clearly respected and known by all. It made me feel good to know that I was in such capable hands, and in the end she proved that to me firsthand throughout my experience working with her.

In sum, I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. She is capable, smart, professional, and kind. She's willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and make a client happy. Don't hesitate to hire her -- she truly is the best!