Jackie Mansfield

"Laura's reputation as a top agent is well-deserved! She is just the best! She talked us through every step of selling our house. We were so impressed with her professionalism and up-to-the-minute market analysis. She is warm, open and honest and has our utmost respect and admiration. She was always available for our questions and was always on time for every appointment. Her team of re-stylers, photographers and her brochures were all A+++. We would recommend her without reservation!"

Janet Jones

It's very easy to write a rave review for the agent that helps you find your dream home but what about the agent that LISTS your dream home? While divorce may line the pockets of many an agent it has to have them reaching for the jumbo bottle of Maalox. In our case the only thing my former spouse and I could agree on was using Laura as our agent. We have known Laura both professionally and socially for over 20 years. Her reputation as a top agent is hard won and well deserved. Meticulous in her approach, she is knowledgeable, consultative and respectful.

Justin Sedell

Perhaps one of the best compliments I can give Laura (and advice to anyone reading this) is that I heard from several different agents that I was represented by "the best." When touring open houses on our own we would be asked who we were working with. When I mentioned Laura's name, the agents universally respected her and praised her. When purchasing my new home the seller's agent remarked to me offhand that I was in great hands with Laura, and he was right. Other agents are often the best judge of the skills and talent of their colleagues, and Laura was clearly respected and known by all. It made me feel good to know that I was in such capable hands, and in the end she proved that to me firsthand throughout my experience working with her.