Janet Jones

"It's very easy to write a rave review for the agent that helps you find your dream home but what about the agent that LISTS your dream home?  While divorce may line the pockets of many an agent it has to have them reaching for the jumbo bottle of Maalox.  In our case the only thing my former spouse and I could agree on was using Laura as our agent.  

We have known Laura both professionally and socially for over 20 years. Her reputation as a top agent is hard won and well deserved.  Meticulous in her approach, she is knowledgeable, consultative and respectful.   

We were all sharp elbows and misery about selling - our judgment was cloudy.  We were house proud and wanted to go out at an inflated number.  And this is when Laura stepped in and earned the right to whatever commission she would get from the sale of our home.  She provided current and recent comps, historical data and talked through market conditions and city issues likely to impact our sale.  We listened when she said she sensed a "cooling in the market" and that the housing inventory in our price bracket of $1.5M - $2.25M was increasing.  She felt our best strategy was to list early and at a lesser number which could encourage a bidding war.  

Our house listed and closed in 6 weeks.  We received 2 offers slightly under asking.  Laura talked us through the offers and negotiated strenuously on our behalf.  She made an extraordinary gesture that ensured our deal did not tip over.  Others in our neighborhood were not as effectively coached and are still on the market having taken multiple price reductions.  We are so grateful.  

Laura's ability to get everyone singing from the same hymnal in a very acrimonious situation was invaluable.  And her follow up after our house closed was genuine and thoughtful.  We recommend Laura without reservation."