Andrew & Dana Skotdal

You want to believe most agents operating in higher end markets have the same skill level. They don’t. There are agents promising their clients pie-in-the-sky to get a listing and then the home sits for months or years. There are agents who push their client to the floor on a home sale just to get the commission. What became clear in our tour was that Laura had the most fact-based approach to pricing and ultimately she achieved higher sale prices for her listings. All you have to do is look at her transaction record and compare it to other agents. Laura’s commission pays for itself for her clients. Laura will either get a higher sale price for a client listing than another agent, or she’ll navigate a lower offer on a client’s behalf and still win the deal. In listing or buying, clients are better with Laura than another agent.

Laura Halliday is a special agent. Since meeting her, negotiating with her, and seeing her work, we refer anyone who asks to Laura alone and know she will exceed their expectations. Laura Halliday has my great respect and admiration.